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How to make edibles using cannabis concentrates?


Vaping wax or smoking flowers can be fun, of course, but when it comes to tastier and long-lasting highs, one cannot leave behind homemade edibles. Making edibles is a favorite activity of cannabis enthusiasts. However, it is a very delicate and time-consuming process. Most popular in NYC as best quality edibles are shipped to NYC. In this article, I will write everything necessary for making edibles from concentrate from top to end. So that it comes out delicious and adequately dosed.

Making high potency edibles using concentrates consists of three steps

● Selection of concentrate

● Calculate your dosage

● Infusion of concentrate

i. Select your concentrate

With the legalization of recreational weed in NYC, various concentrates are now available in the market. As there is discrete weed delivery in NYC. However, you should select the type that works accordingly to your edible recipe

Types of concentrates include

  • Kief or Hash ( pair nicely with sweeter recipes, e.g., maple syrup or agave)

  • RSO ( Rick Simpson oil) Ideal for the preparation of raw edibles such as basil pesto, easily used with smoothies and soups

  • BHO/ CO2 concentrate should be made in controlled and professional settings.

  • THC Distillate ( most pure and potent form ) is a tasteless substance that can be added to any edible.

ii. Calculate your Dosage

what should be the amount of concentrate depends entirely on your experience level. However, it’s recommended to use a lower dose at the start and then gradually increase it. That depends on your demand. If you correctly know the THC % of your concentrate, you can easily calculate the dosage per serving.

How much concentrate should you use?

That depends entirely on your experience level and how you plan to use your edibles. It’s always recommended to start with a lower dose and increase gradually based on how you feel. If you know the THC percentage of your concentrate product, you can easily calculate the dosage per serving.

Let’s understand this by example. Suppose your concentrate contains 75 percent of THC, then one gram of concentrate will contain 750 mg of THC ( 1000mg × 0.75mg)

State of Colorado

limits the THC content of edibles to 10 mg per serving. If we remain to stick to the above recommendation, one gram of concentrate can be used to make 75 individuals 10 mg weed gummies.

Decarboxylate or don’t!

For THC distillate and RSO no need to decarb. As the manufacturer has already done so during the refining process. However, for CO2 concentrate, BHO, Kief, or hash, the decarboxylation process is given below

1. Preheat oven to 200°F/ 93.3°C

2. Place parchment paper over the dish and add the desired amount of concentrate. While using Keif, spread it out gently.

3. Bake 15-20 minutes for Keif for others; bake for 20 minutes until it becomes soft. Be careful not to overcook.

iii. Infuse your concentrate

Once done with decarboxylating, concentrate is ready for infusion with a carrier oil. Use oils with high saturated fat like coconut or avocado etc. Once the infusion is done, you can add cannabis concentrate oil to any dish. It can be directly added to high-fat foods like peanut butter.

*Note when cooking with cannabis, avoid temperature above 300° F / 148.8° C and be careful while dosing.

Best sites for edibles weed delivery in NYC

Following websites provide the best edible weed in NYC. The variety starts from gummies, hard candy, beverages, baked items, etc. There are many weed delivery Instagram accounts and weed delivery NYC numbers where you can consult to avail best services.


Cannabis edibles are a classic staple for its lovers—a necessity among those who prefer smokeless enjoyment. Making edibles from different types of concentrates needs special attention towards each step. Suppose anything gets at a high temperature, all in vain. So, carefully consider dosage and temperature level while dealing with concentrates. You can get high-quality edibles from online dispensaries in NYC, the most significant weed marketplace. And can enjoy high potency edibles.

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